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Let us take you back in the year 2002 when we first started with online radio in Apeldoorn Netherland back then as YouthFever Radio, dedicated to all the Aruban students in the country. 2004 We moved back to Aruba and continue with the same passion of making radio on the internet as the first online radio. Talking about being the first online radio on the island, we became also the first that went mobile on NOKIA internet Radio in 2008. The same year we started with video streaming, being the first again streaming video thru the internet during the carnival season. To make it short, 16 of April 2015 we became VIP Radio with the slogan Music with Class. Since that day we continuously keep working and upgrading. Today we proudly manage 5 radio channels and one TV channel completely online and its available also on our VIP Radio app and on IP TV system.

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